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Thousand Attend Funeral Of Çiçek In Amed


(ANF/AMED) Thousands have attended the funeral of Kinem Çiçek, a YPJ fighter killed in clashes with the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in the region of Grê Sêwê near Kobanê on May 5. Her death fell on the same day as the death of Helin Demirkol, also a YPJ fighter and daughter of BDP co-mayor of Amed’s Çermik Municipality Haşim Demirkol.

Çiçek (Ruken Kobanê) had been taking part in a YPG/YPJ counter offensive in response to a major ISIS advance which began on May 3. Seven YPG/YPJ fighters and four local civilians who fought alongside them lost their lives in the attack. Over 40 members of ISIS were also killed, and at least one was captured.

Çiçek’s family received her body at the Mürşitpınar Border Gate, from where it was transported to Suruç State Hospital. Following an investigation by the local prosecutor her body was once again released to her family and brought to Diyarbakir, from where she was carried on the shoulders of women to her final resting place.

BDP Co-Mayor of Diyarbakir Greater Municipality Gültan Kışanak, BDP Diyarbakir Province Co-Governor Zübeyde Zümrüt, local BDP mayors, members of various civil society organizations, and thousands more joined in Çiçek’s funeral processon. Mourners carried YPG flags, posters of the Kurdish Popular Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and shouted slogans condemning ISIS and the other gangs attacking Rojava.

BDP Party Co Vice-President Meral Danış Beştaş told those attending that Kinem Çiçek was immortal, saying “the struggle in Rojava does not only interest Rojava. The struggle in Rojava in the struggle of all the people living in the Middle East. There are gangs and powers in Rojava who want to defeat this struggle for humanity.”

Kinem Çiçek’’s brother Çiya Hicran Çiçek said represented all Kurdish values, saying “today we have sent heval Ruken off on her final journey. They think that when the Rukens become martyrs the struggle will end. These struggles and gone on through the Rosas, and Zilans, and Bertans, and Rukens. It will continue after this. We have come up to today and after this we will continue to exist.”

Following the speeches hundreds went to the Mourning House in Kulpular to pay their respects.


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