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KDP Restarts Work On Rojava Trench, YPG Fighters Speak Out


The KDP has restarted work on a border trench separating Rojava from the KRG, according to an article in Özgür Gündem.

A large number of construction equipment is reported near the village of Şilikî in Dêrîk and close to the Sêmalka Border Crossing. Work on the trenches began last month and many in Rojava have accused the KDP of imposing an embargo on the cantons in cooperation with Turkey, as part of a larger plan to encircle Rojava. The trench now extends for miles along the border separating the Cizîre Canton of Rojava from the KRG.

Reporters from Dicle News Agency (DİHA) and Hawar News Agency (ANHA) were threatened by KDP peşmerge overseeing the construction of the border ditch as they attempted to gain access to the site. KDP peşerge are reported to have told the reporters they would open fire if they did not leave.

The Rojava People’s Initiative has been organizing seminars, popular meetings and marches in cities throughout Rojava in order to raise awareness and built up popular support against the border trenches. Robîn Roj, a member of TEV-DEM, spoke recently as a popular meeting in Serêkaniyê as part of a 15-day protest campaign against the KDP’s trenches. Roj told those present that the real target of the trenches was democratic autonomy in Rojava and called on unity in the face of multi-sided attacks.

We Will Protect Democratic Autonomy

YPG and YPJ fighters in the village of Aşmê near Kobanê who spoke to DİHA and AHNA drew attention to the fact that the trench building began right after the failure of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham’s (ISIS) attack on Kobanê. Four different YPG fighters had this to say:

Silav Kobanê: We had thought that the forces of Kurdistan would support us but unfortunately the President of the KRG Mr. Mesud Barzani and his government has denied the revolution. They have started a slander campaign against the PYD and the revolution. And finally they are digging trenches.

Nesan Kobanê: I call it the ‘course of betrayal.’ The KDP is perpetuating the betrayal of Lausanne.

Awaz Efrîn: These trenches are the continuatıon of the Turkish State’s policy of building walls of shame. It is aimed at destroying the project of democratic autonomy. We promise to defend the democratic autonomy which we have embraced in keeping with the will of the peoples of Rojava.

Baran Kobanê: Insomuch that they throw out the line of betrayal, we will take as our principal the line of resistance.



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