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Strong Reaction From TEV-DEM To Neçirvan Barzani


(ANF/QAMİŞLO) The Rojava Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM)  has released a strongly worded statement in response to Neçirvan Barzani’s claim that TEV-DEM was working together with the Syrian regime. The statement rejected Barzani’s accusations, while condemning the KDP for its policy on Rojava.

It read in part, “ It is Neçirvan Barzani who must speak last on this topic. The fighters in Rojava had not attacked other Kurdish forces and Kurdish cities using tanks of enemies.”

The TEV-DEV statement went on to point out how the KDP leadership have run a systematic campaign to discredit the Rojava Revolution and it pointed out how this campaign has only intensified since the defeat of the Islamic State or Iraq and Sham (ISIS) around the Kobane and Cizîre Canton cantons. It claimed that the campaign was designed to “show the Rojava Revolution as connected to the regime, to make it the target of ISIS and other gangs, and to damage its relationship with other revolutionary forces in Syria.”

The statement rejected Neçirvan Barzani’s accusations, claiming they consisted of slander and had lost all legitimacy following the attacks against Rojava. It also emphasized that such words were reflective of the political forces that formed the government of South Kurdistan and were not in keeping with the desires of the people of South Kurdistan.

Finally it recalled how in the 1990’s the KDP attacked other Kurdish forces and cities with enemy tanks, saying “We are openly declaring as a movement that we do not take part in political slander. We are working to come to an agreement with different groups and actors. But no one has the right to say that the revolution is involved with the regime. If this should be said about anyone it should be said about Neçirvan. If nothing else fighters from Rojava never attacked Kurdish cities with enemy tanks on the pretense of ‘liberating’ them. Following the massacres, Anfal, and the chemical attacks no leader of the revolution asked for soldiers and tanks from the enemy of the Kurdish people to attack other Kurdish forces. We make it clear once again that Neçirvan Barzani’s statement does serve the interests of the Kurdish people but is a call for more gang attacks.”

One comment on “Strong Reaction From TEV-DEM To Neçirvan Barzani

  1. Kurdistani
    May 2, 2014

    After anfal Barzani or PDK brought 45 000 saddams soldiers into hawler to wipe out other kurds.
    and digging tranches between Basur(South) and Rojava(western) Kurdistan.

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