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BDP MPs Officially Join HDP, Promise New Beginning


BDP MPs officially joined the HDP at a brief ceremony in Ankara yesterday, says an article in today’s Özgür Gündem. The ceremony was attended by HDP co-Presidents Sebahat Tuncel and Ertuğrul Kürkçü; BDP co-President Selahattin Demirtaş; Independent MP from Diyarbakir Leyla Zana; Independent MP from Wan and DTK co-President Aysel Tuğluk; co-mayor of Greater Diyarbakir Municipality Gültan Kışanak; co-mayor of Greater Mêrdîn Municipality Ahmet Türk; Independent MP from Wan Kemal Aktaş, together with all BDP MPs as well as various officials and members of the HDP.

A New Beginning

HDP co-President Tuncel spoke first, telling those present that “we are starting a stronger process. At the same time we now have an even greater responsibility in the period which lies ahead. Our unity will be a great contribution to Turkish politics and to the forces of democracy. Yes we are growing but our responsibility is also increasing. I welcome all the BDP MPs to our party.”

Following Tuncel HDP Co-President Ertuğrul Kürkçü spoke about the important days in which the party now found itself, saying “the bearers of the freedom struggle of Kurdistan are joining with the democratic forces of Turkey. The people of Kurdistan have change their fate with their struggle and have opened away for the peoples of Turkey. We are heading out with a new strategy. A new political possibility has been opened before us. We will do what we need do. We will walk this road together. It has been a painful process and we have been blessed by fate. In order to brighten the future we will not only walk this road in parliament but in Kurdistan and Turkey and we will finish this journey. I welcome the BDP MPs to their new home.”

We Will Be The Response Of All Peoples

BDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş also spoke at the event, where he affirmed the importance of the HDP as the part for all oppressed segments of society, saying “We started this in 2011. We promised our voters and our people and now we are fulfilling this promise. We are obliged to be the common voice of all the oppressed. The time has come for the formation of a strong people’s power. We are making this power official.”

Demirtaş went on to explain that the BDP would adopt a new formula, while all work in parliament would take place under the common auspices of the HDP, saying “the HDP will embrace the differences of Turkey’s society. We will move forward to the 2015 elections with this understanding. We will put an end to the AKP-CHP stalemate and the 90-year power struggle. We as the HDP will continue the struggle from where we left off.”

We Will Be The Voice Of The People

Co-mayor of Greater Diyarbakir Municipality Gültan Kışanak affirmed that both the BDP and HDP would be at home in Amed (Diyarbakir), saying “we will do everything we can as far as local government. I believe that the HDP with its platform for all of the oppressed will come out big time. We are beginning a strong process through which our people will come to govern themselves and will take part in government.”

A Call For Unity From Türk

Co-mayor of Greater Mêrdîn Municipality Ahmet Türk told those present that the 35 freedom struggle had brought Kurds to this point, saying “as a result of this struggle the denial of the Kurds has been defeated but rights have not immediately been granted. The rights of Kurds must be accepted. Freedom can be reached through common struggle and we can take our rights. Kurds are struggling for justice and equality together not only with all the peoples of Turkey but of the Middle East. Diyarbakir is the capital of Kurdistan, Merdin is the capital of Mesopotamia. I want to see our friends in Mardin.”

Following the remarks BDP MPs joined the HDP, putting on party pins; it was also announced that current BDP members would continue to join the HDP in the future.

HDP’s First Group Meeting Today

HDP MPs will hold their first group meeting in parliament since the arrival of BDP MPs today. With the new members, the number of HDP MPs in parliament has increased to 27.

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