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BDP To Become Democratic Regions Party (DBP)


According to an article in today’s Özgür Gündem, the BDP will change its name to the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) this summer as part of an attempt to a renew the party’s organizational structure along grassroot lines and to carry out the task of building democratic autonomy.

The decision follows the announcement last week that BDP MPs in Turkish Parliament would officially resign from the part and join the HDP. While the HDP will focus on building a political coalition across Turkey and parliementary politics, the DBP will only operate in Kurdistan and will have a different function from more traditional political parties. Its principal mission will be to develop the project of democratic autonomy in eight different spheres – the political, the legal, self-defense, social, economic, cultural, ecological and diplomatic. It is hoped that this new structure will allow the party to more effectively address the problems of the people.

The change is planned to take place at an official party conference in June. BDP MPs who will join the HDP will also take part in discussions over the leadership of the HDP and the DTK, and more details are expected to be made available in the coming days.

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