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YPG Announce Preparations For New Operations In Response To Attacks


(ANF/QAMIŞLO) The People’s Defense Units (YPG) have announced preperations for new operations against the Islamıc State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) following a series of attacks yesterday around the Cizîre Canton of Rojava which left 12 people dead.

Four polices officers, one YPG fighter and six civilians were killed in a suicide bombing attack in the village of Til Xelef close to Serêkaniye, while another eleven people – including some children were injured. A YPG fighter was also killed in the village of Zehr El Ereb to the west of Dirbêspiyê when ISIS gunman opened fire. A YPG statement on the attack in Dirbêspiyê reported that an operation was conducted in the aftermath and “as a result of we determined the members of the gang who martyred our fighter as well as those who helped them, they have been captured and all of their weapons have been confiscated.”

A statement from the YPG General Command regarding the attacks said that they exhibited the continued savagery of ISIS and offer gratitude to the people who supported the YPG in their attempts to defend Rojava, saying “We the YPG forces thank all of the people of the region who have given our YPG fighters support as they respond to ISIS attacks against the region. We also value the support and attitude of Kurdish parties and persons from Arab tribes. We consider irrelevant those attitudes which under false presents fail to take part in the duty of defense. Our call is for everyone to take part in the defense of the region and resist these enemies of humanity. But this call of ours is not a sign of weakness and certain groups would like to claim.

The YPG underlined that it would resist these savage attacks against all the communities of the region, saying “we will defeat all designs against this region. We will overcome the Baath regime and the dark forces which support these gangs.”

Finally the YPG announced a new push against the gangs, saying “as we prepare for new round of resistance against new possible attacks, we call on all communities in the region and in particular the youth to take part in defensive operations. We are calling on everyone to be ready to join the YPG.”


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