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Cizîre Canton Says Hewler Must Apologize As Border Protests Continue


(ANF/QAMIŞLO) The Autonomous Government of the Cizîre Canton of Rojava Kurdistan has demanded an apology from the government of the KRG, saying that the construction of a border ditch was a part of the assault on Rojava.

The KRG government – under the control of the KDP – began digging the border ditch between the KRG and Rojava near the village of Sihela in the district of Dêrîk at the beginning of April. Almost all of the KRG’s opposition parties have condemned the move, with blame for the decision generally falling on KRG President Mesut Barzani and his ruling KDP. Hewler has yet to release an official statement about the border ditch.

Yesterday, April 9th, hundreds of youth approached the border from the Rojava-side in order to protest the construction of a border between the two parts of Kurdistan. Peşmerge units loyal to the KDP opened fire and one youth was wounded by two gunshot wounds to the leg. Women waiting by the border gate intervened to stop further violence.

Today the Executive Council of the Cizîre Canton released a written statement in which they said that the construction of a border ditch took on a  new dimension during ongoing attacks on Rojava, and claimed that the approach of KDP officials to Rojava had become part of the attack.


No Different Than The Walls Of Shame

The statement went on to declare that the ditch being dug around the Cizîre Canton was no different that the ‘Walls of Shame’ constructed by Turkey and was a continuation of same policies meant to surround Rojava. The statement called the protests a popular reaction to the failure on the part of the KDP to listen to democratic demands of the people of Rojava, and demanded that the KDP declare their position on Rojava openly.

Sêmalka Border Crossing Closed

At the same time that protests were occurring near Sihela the KDP closed the Sêmalka border crossing. Access to the crossing had been heavily restricted since May of last year, but yesterday the KDP replaced the flag of the KRG with its own party flag and removed the bridge across the Tigris which allowed people to cross from Rojava to the KRG.

Protests Continue

According to another report carried by ANF  protesters have once again gathered near the village of Sihela today –  this time in their thousands – to show their dissatisfaction with the KDP. The protests were in response to a call by the Dêrîk Branch of PYD, however people of all political persuasions and backgrounds have joined with the protesters in demanding an end to the embargo and the divisions between South and Rojava Kurdistan.


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