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Call For Öcalan’s Freedom Appears In Le Monde Diplomatique


(ANF/ROME) A Half-page open letter calling for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan has run in the Italian-language edition of Le Monde Diplomatique. The letter was has already gathered some 70 thousands signatures, including the names of some of the most prominent politicians, academics, and writers in the country, as well as CGIL, one of Italy’s largest unions. The nobel-prize winner Dario Fo, the former Vice-President of the European Parliament Luisa Morgantini, and the stage actor Carmine Monaco are among the signatories.

The letter is part of a signature campaign for Öcalan’s freedom and was also published in the well-known Italian daily Il Manifesto. The campaign has attracted many famous names and is drawing attention internationally. Scores of different organizations, individuals, MPs and academics from Israel to England and Australia to Vietnam have joined in calling for Öcalan’s release.

69,800 Signatures Collected In Italy

In Italy alone 69,808 signatures have so far been collected and the campaign has received support from among the most prominent political and social organizations in the country, including the large union the Lavoro Società CGIL, Senza Confine – which works with migrants and refugees, ASCE – which works on social marginalization, and the internationally known Association of Democratic Lawyers.

Prominent Italian scientists, politicians, writers, lawyers, artists, theologians, mayors and other well-known individuals have signed the letter, including Nobel Prize for Literature Recipient Dario Fo; the former Vice President of the European Parliment Luisa Morgantini; the party secretary of the re-formed Communist Party Paolo Ferrero; the president of the Ecological and Freedom Left Group Genare Migliore; the former Minister Olivero Di Liberto, Prof. Anna Maria Rivera from Bari University’s Department of Ethnology; Prof. Maria Immacolata Macioti and Prof. Enzo Scandurra from Rome University; Andrea Giuffre one of the directors of the famous ECRA publishing house; the recently deceased Giulio Girardi who was a well known Theologian; the Mayor of Viterbo Leonardo Michelini; the Mayor of Alessandria Maria Rita Rosa and the famous stage actress Carmine Monaco.

In total the Initiative Freedom For Öcalan Peace For Kurdistan has collected a total of 1.5 million signatures from September 2012 to June 2013.

Demand For Öcalan’s Freedom From Monaco To Hungry

The President of the National Council of Monaco Benard Marquest, the President of the Corsican Parliment Dominique Bucchine, the famous Israeli writer Akkiva Orr, European Parliament MPs Mikael Gustafsson, Jil Evans Ana Miranda and Jean Lambert, and the Hungarian philosopher Vyacheslav Tetekin have also signed.


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