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Support For Rojava Again On Agenda In Swedish Parliament


(ANF/STOCKHOLM) In a written motion presented today to the President of the Swedish Parliament, Swedish Green Party MP Jabar Amin affirms that the 3 cantons proclaiming Democratic Autonomy in Rojava could be a model for peace if they received international support. Amin also asks the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt what the government has done to support the process of peacemaking and democratization in Rojava.

Amin reminds the government that the Syrian regime has used oppression and violence against its own people for decades and consistently violated human and minority rights, opening the path to civil war.

The motion also draws attention to the proclamation of democratic autonomy in Rojava and argues that it is a system run by different political parties, that there was no political party in the government that was not a member of the opposition [to the regime], and that despite certain problems commands a democracy. Amin also pointed out that in a country enveloped by civil war there was no conflict in these regions and that the process of democratization was continuing.

Amin went on to argue that in order for this relative calm to continue, and for peace and human rights to be protected the region needed international support, and stressed that with such support the cantons could be a model of peace and common life in the region.

Amin asks the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt whether the government is ready to support the process of peace and democracy, and if it were what steps were being taking to accomplish this. The subject will be taken up for debate in a session scheduled for April 1st.


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