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El-Ekrad Front Commander Buried In Efrin


(ANF) Elaa Cibo, a commander in the El-Ekrad front, was laid to rest today in Efrin. Cibo, who was also known by his nom-de-guerre Ebu Sifet, was buried together with three other fighters of the El-Ekrad front. Sifet himself was killed on February 13th in the Aleppo neighborhood of Eşrefiye, in the area of Seken Şebabi, as a result of an artillery attack carried out by the Syrian regime.  

Cibo was born in 1976 in the village of Qirekuz in Aleppo province and had been a member of the general staff of the El-Ekrad front since 2013. The El-Ekrad front is composed of Arabs, Kurds and other peoples living in the region, and has been fighting against both the regime and al-Qaeda since 2013.

In a written statement, the YPG offered condolences to Cibo’s family and spoke of how Cibo was a symbol of Kurdish-Arab brotherhood.

The other three fighters buried together with Cibo were Yehya Faris, born in Til Eran in 1990 and killed in fighting on September 19th of last year; Basel Tibo, born in the village of Kefer Sixir in Aleppo province and killed on September 18th of last year; and Zekeriye Kur Hemdo, born in 1995 in the village of Ehrez in Aleppo province and killed on January 18th of this year.

All four fighters were buried in the Cemetery of the Martyr Refiq in the village of Metina, in the district of Şera in Aleppo province. Thousands of people were in attendance. The funeral ceremony was organized by the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of Efrin and the bodies of the four fighters were taken in a procession from the city center to the cemetery.

Ebdo İbrahim, the Defense Minister of the Efrin Canton, attended the ceremony and gave a short speech.  İbrahim told those in attendance that the El-Ekrad played a role in building a brotherhood among peoples that was felt throughout Rojava and that the fighters were representatives of a free and democratic Syria.

Bessam Bozo spoke in the name of the El-Ekrad Front, giving information about each of the four fighters and emphasizing how the front was struggling for the honor and brotherhood of the peoples. Melek Eluş of the Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of Efrin told those in attendance that all the gains made by the Kurdish people thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs.

After the speeches the four fighters were lowered into ground amid chanting and slogans.

Elaa Cibo

Elaa Cibo

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