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KCK Releases Statement on The 15th anniversary of the international conspiracy against Leader Abdullah Ocalan



On the 15th anniversary of the international conspiracyagainst Leader Abdullah Ocalan, we strongly condemn all the forcestaking active part in the conspiracy. We pay our grateful tribute tothose martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the resistance underthe motto ‘you cannot darken our sun’. We greet with respect LeaderAPO who showed a great sagacity and made enormous efforts rebuttingthe international conspiracy.

A conspiracy had been planned against the Kurdish People andthe Kurdish Freedom Movement when the Kurdish People’s Leader was heldcaptive in Kenya on February 15, 1999. An elimination offence againstthe Free Kurd had been unleashed. The conspirators wanted to smash theFree Kurd, for it had spoiled their games and had rendered thecultural genocide policies ineffective. They wanted to punish Kurdish People’s Leader for what he had done to bring about a free spirit, afree attitude and a free identity for the Kurdish People.International forces started to say “Yes for the PKK, No for APO” whenthey came to realize Leader APO’s role in strengthening the PKK’sposition. They had ruminated over controlling the PKK and rendering itineffective by eliminating Leader APO. This has been the reason behindall the blackening and discrediting campaigns against Leader APO.Despite all the heavy attacks by the Turkish state and reactionaryforces, the PKK managed to keep and advance its power. That’s why theywanted to separate ‘the head’ from the body; a case witnessed a lotthroughout the history of Kurdistan.

By establishing a Free Kurdish identity, the PKK has intendedto settle the Kurdish question within the framework of fraternitybetween the peoples of the region. Therefore, PKK’s struggle has beentwofold: settling the Kurdish question and, at the same time,democratizing the countries in the region. The international forceshave deemed this struggle dangerous for their interests and havenurtured enmity towards it. Therefore, they have planned a conspiracyagainst the Kurdish People’s leader and taken him captive in anattempt to prevent the Freedom Movement from achieving success. Thosetaking Leader APO captive had ruminated that the PKK would bedisintegrated within 6 month and thereby the main obstacle in the wayof their policies will be removed.

But the conspirators couldn’t reach their aims due to theguidance principles of Leader APO and the great struggle of theFreedom Movement and the Kurdish people against the conspiracy. As aresult of this struggle, Leader APO gained a more influential andeffective role, the Kurdish People raised their level of organizationand consciousness, and the Freedom Movement got stronger and greater.Today, Leader APO is the most influential leader in the Middle East and the Kurdish Freedom Movement is the most effective politicalforce. Leader APO is the basic pioneer and the actualiser of thisrevolution.

Despite all attempts to eliminate him, the Kurdish People’sLeader has become the leading force not only for the Kurdish People,but also for all the peoples of the Middle East. It is only him whohas come up with genuine ideological and political solutions for allthe problems in the Middle East. With his ideological and politicalinfluence he is the leader who would determine the future of theMiddle East.With the paradigm, policies and democratization perspectives ofLeader APO, the Kurds gained a pioneering role and position in the Middle East.

In the Middle East, the 21st century will be the century of the Kurds. Equipping themselves with the mentality of radicaldemocracy, they will not only free themselves but also all the peoplesin the region.  Leader APO is the ideological, theoretical andparadigmatic pioneer of this democratization process while the Kurdishpeople are its greatest social force. With its ideological andpolitical capacity, the freedom Movement has turned this social forceand power of thought into the most basic dynamic of the revolution ofthe Middle East.

The international conspirators and those who want to eliminatethe Kurds through cultural genocide got into action when they realizedthat Leader APO, Kurdish People and the Freedom Movement has gained such capacity. They started campaigns for discrediting Leader APO andthe Freedom Movement. Their aim was to render Leader APO and the Freedom Movement ineffective at a time when they had become thefreedom hope of a people. Also they intended to inflict setbacks onthe peoples’ struggle for freedom and democracy and secure thecontinuation of chaos in Turkey. Those forces attacking Leader APO andour Movement are the chaos mongers who want to run and continue theirpolicies through chaos. Therefore,  having realized these facts, ourpeoples should raise their struggles and take a stance against thosechaos mongers who have increased their offences against our Leader andour Freedom Movement.

The AKP administration has benefited from the state of deadlockin the Kurdish question and has based its existence on thecontinuation of that deadlock.  In order to get the AKP abandon thispolicy and embark on the democratization process, Leader APO and theFreedom Movement gave its all to ensure a non-conflict situation andbring about democratic settlement and a free life. But the AKPadministration has given no response to these steps aiming at helpingTurkey break the deadlock. Instead, it squanders the opportunities andreserves for democratization and the settlement of the Kurdishquestion by stringing out the problems and adopting delusionarypolicies. This will sound the death knell for both the settlementprocess and the AKP itself.  The AKP administration will either startdeep and comprehensive negotiations or it will drown in the Kurdishdeadlock and will be relegated to the ash bin of history.

On the 15th anniversary of the conspiracy, our peoples anddemocratic circles should raise their common democratic struggleeverywhere so as to get the AKP take democratization steps. Chanting”Free Leader, Free Kurdistan” slogans, they should turn the protestsinto actions for the democratization of Turkey and the settlement ofthe Kurdish question.

On the 15th anniversary of the conspiracy, we should also take a stance against those who have distorted and montaged Leader APO’sdialogues in Imrali and have attacked the moral values of our movementand our peoples. Therefore, we should take to the squares and show ourattitudes in the sternest manner against these offences. We will spoilthe games and rebut the plots of those who want to base theirexistence on  creating conflict between the peoples and breakingpeoples’ hope for freedom and democracy. We should show to all, friendor foe, that we will defeat the conspirators and establish a free anddemocratic life for our peoples.Long Life Leader APOLong Life the Resistants Against the Conspiracy, Long Life the Free Democratic Unity of the Peoples.


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