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Rojava’s Autonomous Cantons Begin Major Diplomatic Effort In Region


(ANF – Amûdê) Salih Gedo, the president of the Cizîrê Cantons Diplomatic Commission, has announced the beginning of a major effort to open diplomatic channels between Rojava’s three autonomous cantons and other powers in the region. Gedo added that in the coming days meetings would begin with the South Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), with official visits to Iran, Iraq and Turkey to follow.

Gedo –  whose responsibilities as President of the Cizîrê Canton’s Diplomatic Commission include international relations within the Cizîrê Canton in particular and these relations within Rojava more generally – went on to say that their broad aim of these efforts will be to begin to create new conditions and regional relations together with a new political perspective. Toward this aim diplomacy would work to develop a foundation for a constructive dialog. Gedo added that diplomatic letters had been sent to many European and neighboring countries as well.

‘There Is No Kurdish Representative At Geneva 2’

On the subject of Geneva 2, Gedo stated that there was no Kurdish representation at the peace conference. Gedo recalled that the Conference’s preparatory committee had not invited Kurds to participate as an independent party, saying “how can someone within the Syrian National Coalition declare himself a representative of the Kurds in the name of ENKS? The coalition has no accepted the existence of the Kurds. For that reason its not correct to say that those in those committees are representing Kurds. We are saying that Kurds do not have representatives at Geneva 2.”

Gedo went on to state that Geneva II had not taken any step forward for the benefit of the Syrian people, asking “how can a meeting in which there of no representatives of the Syrian people bring an end to this violence and build a lasting solution?” He finished by sharing his belief that “if real representatives of the peoples [of Syria] could participate the conference could produce a lasting solution.”

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