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Funeral For Murdered Kurdish Activists 19 Years After Disappearance


(ANF) Nurettin and Nejat Yalçınkaya, disappeared 19 years ago, were buried in Istanbul yesterday accompanied by hundreds of mourners. Nurettin and his nephew, Nejat, were arrested in 1995 in the town of Kızıltepe in Mardin Province and were not seen again. There remains were finally recovered in 2008 as a result of excavations in the village of Katarlı.

The ceremony for the two murdered men took place in the Hacı Ahmet neighborhood of Beyoğlu in Istanbul. The two were buried next to Nurettin father, Şehmuz Yalçınkaya. Their remains had been brought from Diyarbakir to Istanbul by YAKAR-DER, where they were met by relatives, the Saturday Mothers, as well as representatives from YAKAR-DER; DİADER, İHD, the BDP co-presidents for Istanbul Province Emrullah Bingül and Arife Çınar, as well as district party representatives. Mourners carried posters of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, as well as the flags of the PKK, KCK, and YPG and photographs of Nurettin and Nejat.

A moment of silence was observed in order to remember the martyrs of the revolution. The first speaker was Velat Demir, the co-president of YAKAR-DER. Demir told those present how the truth of state murders were coming out one by one, and that now was the time to hold those responsible to account.

‘These bones are a picture of human rights in Turkey’

After Demir spoke, BDP Istanbul Province co-President Emrullah Bingül addressed the mourners. Bingül spoke of the two men’s disappearance under custody of state authorities and welcomed after their long journey them from Kurdistan to Istanbul.  Bingül went on to stress the importance of holding those responsible for their murders to accountö saying “let no one be comfortable in their place. Let no one let this go work go unfinished. Your friends, your organization and your leader will hold those responsible to account.

Following Bingül, Hanım Tosun of the Saturday Mothers addressed the crowd. Tosun spoke of their lives had been full of both sadness and happiness, and called on the those present to make sure that the rest of the missing were found. After Tosun, Maside Ocak of the İHD’s (Human Rights Association) Lost in Custody Commission spoke. Ocak told the mourners that the bones found around Turkey were a picture of human rights in Turkey, saying “let those in power take a good look at the picture.” Ocak went on to speak of all those still missing, saying “we are searching for the graves of our lost. Perhaps today we found the remains of two of our lost. Today we bury two dear ones next to their loved ones. We, as the İHD and the Saturday Mothers, will not stop our work until we have recovered the last of our lost, loved-ones and we have found their murders.”

Finally the brother of Nejat Yalcınkaya, Müstakkadir Yalçınkaya, spoke. Yalçınkaya told those present that “we are no longer sad. Thanks to this people we are happy. Let the enemy know that until we have brought the to court and have them tried we will not stop pursuing them. Until the murders are brought to trial and held to account we will keep the pressure on them.” Following Yalçınkaya’s words, the funeral procession moved onto the Sütlüce cemetery accompanied by slogans of “martyrs do not die” and “o martyr your spirit is our spirit.”

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