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Rojave Celebrates After Declaration Of Autonomy



(ANF) The Cizîre (English: Jazira) canton, one of three cantons comprising Western Syria, officially declared the establishment of the Democratic Autonomous Government today. Residents throughout the Cizîre region have come out onto the streets in celebration. The Democratic Autonomous Government in the Cizîre canton will be based on a 101-seat assembly and 22 local ministries.

In Amûde the first celebrations marking the declaration of autonomy were held. A concert and rally took place to mark the occasion, with the president of the Cizîre Canton Ekrem Heso also addressing the crowd. Heso is reported to have told those gathered that the project of democratic autonomy would be built on the principles of brotherhood among peoples and of the democratic nation. Heso also commemorated the sacrifices of YPG and YPJ fighters who had given their lives to make these days possible. Following Heso’s speech the Syriac Vice-President Elizabet Gewriye, the Arab Vice-President Hisen Ezam and the President of the Legislative Assembly Hakem Xelo each spoke. All three also called for brotherhood and unity. Finally Aldar Xelil, a member of the TEV-DEM executive council, told the audience that it had been the philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan which had brought the peoples together in a project of joint government.

Celebrations also took place throughout other towns and cities in the region. In Derîk hundreds took to the streets a 2:00 pm and gathered in the central square. There they were joined by members of the Revolutionary Youth and Yekitiya Star. Attendees carried posters of Abdullah Öcalan and the flags of the YPG and YPJ and danced halays. In Serêkaniye thousands poured to the streets on foot and in their vehicles, before proceeding to the Martyr Rustem Cudi Stadium. There they were treated to music by the Martyr Mizgin Group. In Dirbêsiyê a large convoy of vehicals formed before proceeding to the center of the Revolutionary Youth. Those in attendance carried Kurdish flags as well as the photographers of YPG and YPJ fighters who have been killed in battle and shouted slogans in support of the project of Democratic Autonomy. The celebrations in Til Temir took place in the Derê Square, where large crowds gathered to show their support for the declaration of autonomous government.

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