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Every Action Is An Activity of Building Something



Garzan, a member of the Union of Free Women (YJA) Star Coordination Committee, has spoken about the organization’s new campaign recently launched under the slogan ‘With the Free Woman Toward the Democratic Nation.’ Garzan emphasized that the campaign targets women of all backgrounds and identities, can called on women to be active in the struggle.

‘With the free woman toward the democratic nation’

Garzan explained that in the YJA’s 4th Conference important decisions were taken around the construction of a democratic society as imagined from a perspective of the ‘democratic nation.’ Garzan said “at our conference we made a determination around this question – the determination was that in order to provide for leader Apo’s freedom only the construction of the system he has envisaged will suffice. Our campaign is working on this foundation and with a forceful approach to organize the will and strength of women, and in so doing to develop the social will and to transform this into systematic change.”

Our campaign will be everywhere   

Garzan emphasized that in conjunction with this campaign the women’s freedom struggle will work to radicalize against statist, power-seeking, and sexist mentalities and will bring these principles to all of its activities. The campaign will continue join women along the principals of freedom and within a struggle that is working toward a democratic solution. “Our campaign” said Garzan “will at its foundation be a response to this necessity in the four parts of Kurdistan and all the places that we are organized. It will be directed along the principles conscious of the democratic nation and based in local, autonomous government.”

   Garzan gave details concerning the progress of the campaign, saying “in putting together    pilot regions everywhere we are active we will develop ‘spaces of women’s freedom”. We will provide spaces where both Kurdish women, and women of different ethnic backgrounds – revolutionary, democratic and feminist women – can be meet together in a position of strength.” Among other things, Garzan added, the campaign will make visible the problems experienced by women and develop a social struggle against them while building the will for a democratic solution.

The front of struggle with be strengthened

Finally Garzan emphasized that the time for the construction of the democratic nation is also the time of women, saying “the struggle for the social construction on a foundation in which women take ownership of this moment will be a strong contribution to our work. I am calling on women to organize forcibly around and demonstrate solidarity with this campaign.”

(This article orginally appeared in Özgür Gündem in Turkish)

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