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Thousands March Against Paris Murders in Rojava


(ANF) Thousands have taken part in marches across Rojava today in order mark the 1st anniversary of the murders of three Kurdish activists – Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan, and Leyla Şaylemez – killed in Paris last January 9th. Rallies took place in the cities of Efrîn, Serêkaniyê, Dirbêsiyê and Dêrik and were led by local women’s groups, who organized the rallies to remember the three women and demand justice for their murders.

Marchers, most of whom were women, carried signs reading “Bi jina azad ber bi netewa demokratîk” (with the free woman toward the democratic nation) ,“Bila Parîs bejna xwe li ber têkoşîna te bitewîne hevala min”(Paris, my friend, your struggle is honored), “Duh Berlîn îro Parîs, duh Roza îro Sara wê neyên jibîrkirin” (Yesterday Berlin Today Paris, Yesterday Roza, Today Sara, they will not be forgotten).

In Dêrik, Dicle Serêkaniyê – a member of the Yetikiya Star – spoke at the rally, saying, “We forcibly condemn these murders. We promise that on this issue we will carry our struggle out to the end. This attack was a continuation of the large conspiracy organized again the Leader of the Kurdish People Abdullah Öcalan. If France does not bring this massacre to light  it will found guilty in the heart of the Kurdish people and will be cursed for many years.”

Dicle went on to the announce the beginning of a 6th month campaign to shed light on the murders, saying “we will not be satisfied until the events in France are brought to light. These attacks will not break the will of Kurdish women. Just the opposite, Kurdish women will become more organized and take more steps toward building the foundation of a democratic nation. As Yekitiya Star we will walk forward with the memory of the women murdered in Paris.”

In the city of Serêkaniyê the march was organized by Yetikiya Star and the Movement of Young Women Revolutionaries. Roj Tekoşer, a member of Yetikiya Star, spoke at the meeting, saying “the goal of the Paris Massacre was to break the will of Kurdish women. We forcibly condemn all states embroiled in murder. We remind the murderers that today there are thousands of Kurdish women to fill their places.”

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