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Berkin Elvan Marks 15th Birthday in Intensive Care


(ANF) Berkin Elvan will mark his 15th birthday and his 205th day in intensive care tomorrow, January 6th. Berkin, a member of the Istanbul Student Collective, was severely injured when he was struck in the head with a police tear-gas canister last June during the Gezi uprisings. At the time he was going to the bakery to byy bread.

Today people gathered and balloons were released in front of the hospital in the Okmeydanı neighborhood of Istanbul where Berkin is being treated. Banners reading “Wake up Berkin, happy birthday, you will grow up in beautiful tomorrows,” “You get better, we will buy the bread,” “you left when you were 14, you haven’t come back at 15. You have gone down in history, now return to us.” At the conclusion of the rally a birthday cake, flowers and bread were left at the hospital.

İlbe Özçelik spoke at the rally in the name of the Student Cooperative. Özçelik pointed out that although Berkin was injured months ago, no court case has been opened against those responsible. Özçelik said, “While some are enjoying themselves with millions of dollars in shoe-boxes at, there in an order in which innocent children are shot in the head. Berkin, a symbol of resistance, will hold this order to account and we will too. We know that this world will not belong to those consuming millions, but beautiful children like Berkin.” Özçelik went on to say that when Berkin opened his eyes it would bring hope to the resistance in Turkey in the year to come.

When Özçekik finished speaking,  balloons and chinese lanterns were released to chants of “Wake up Berkin, we are all with you.”


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