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BDP/HDP Delegation Returns from Kandil


A BDP/HDP Delegation has returned to Turkey from the Kandil mountains, where it had traveled yesterday, December 29th, to meet the with members of the KCK. Pervin Buldan, the BDP Grup Deputy Chairman, went as part of the delegation and spoke with DIHA News Agency upon her return, according to an article in Radikal. Sırrı Süreyya Önder, the vice-president of the HDP, also traveled with the delegation and returned together with Buldan.

Buldan informed DIHA that the meetings were routine and lasted between 8-9 hours. The delegation did not receive a written apply to a 20-page letter written by Abdullah Öcalan, the imprisoned leader of the KCK, after his meeting with another BDP delegation on Imrali Island on December 7th. The delegation did receive a written reply, Buldan affirmed, saying “Is this response to this letter ready? What are KCK officials in the KCK to do? We went to get a response to this question. We took part in a meeting that lasted between 8-9 hours. They told us that they do not have a written response prepared yet for Mr. Öcalan. Because they will only be able to prepare a response when the letter has been read and debated everywhere. There was a verbal message. It will certainly be ready on our next attempt. There was no letter given this time. A response to the letter will be given after it has been read and debated everywhere.”

‘Will the fight between the AKP and the Hizmet movement (Cemaat) affect the peace process?’

Buldan also affirmed that the recent events in Turkey were also discussed, saying “naturally we evaluated recent events in Turkey. Will the fight between the AKP and the Hizmet movement (Cemaat) affect the peace process? How will it affect it? We spoke about that. We also spoke about the legal decision regarding Sebahat Tuncel. As a result of our meeting we came to a position that because there was a Kurdish issue such theft and corruption is able to emerge. A solution to the Kurdish issue along democratic means needs to come to the agenda. The peace process has been brought to a standstill. What the AKP needs to do is solve this problem. If this problem is not resolved it opens the peace process up to provocation. Where will this go? If it is not based on a legal framework then is will be problematic. Steps must now be taken on the foundation of a Democratic Republic”

Demand for a meeting with the new cabinet on Thursday

Buldan went on to say that her party planned to meet with members of the new AKP cabinet before they travel to Imrali Island to meet again with Mr. Öcalan. Buldan told reporters, “We plan to meet with the new government and ministers on Thursday. We requested an interview with the Interior Minister, the Justice Minister and the Parliamentary Speaker, Mr. Cemil Çiçek. How will the peace process continue? We are claiming that there is a parallel state. Mr. Öcalan would always say this after every meeting. He would also say that the Prime Minister had to be careful on this point. What a pity that the AKP and the Hizmet movement (Cemaat) engaged together in oppression and tyranny.  And as a result of this today a case of corruption emerges. A solution to the Kurdish issue needs to be produced along democratic lines. We might be able to fix the date for our visit to the island on Thursday.”

‘We want to meet with Öcalan in the new year’

Finally Buldan shared the BDP’s hopes that they would be able to meet with Öcalan early in the coming year, saying “We plan to meet with Mr. Öcalan in 2014. On Thursday we will pass on our request to the Justice Ministry. We hope to meet with Mr. Öcalan at the beginning of the new year.”

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