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HDP Hunger Strike in Parliament Enters Second Day

"At this site there is a hunger strike" - HDP MP's carry their hunger strike in parliment into a second day

“At this site there is a hunger strike” – HDP MP’s carry their hunger strike in parliment into a second day

(ANF) As the hunger strike undertaken by the four HDP MP’s in Parliament entered its second day, the striking MP’s were visited by colleagues from the CHP and AKP who offered their support. The hunger strike began over a recent court decision rejecting the release of imprisoned BDP MPs.

The co-president of the HDP Sebahat Tuncel spoke to ANF about the visit, saying “they said that they supported the protest we are carrying out against this unlawful decision.” Tuncel went on to call the decision taken by the local court in Diyarbakir to be against the ruling of the Constitutional court, saying “when you close your eyes to one unlawful decision a foundation for unlawfulness in general begins to develop. On this subject despite the decision of the Constitutional Court the resistance of the local court shows out the legal system functions. Those in power are working to prolong this system. Indeed in the period that the AKP has been in power we have seen this clearly. We have said many times before that the so-called “KCK” operations are political trials. This latest decision shows this very clearly. These are not legal but political decisions. We are on hunger strike in order to show that we will not close our eyes to this unlawfulness.” Tuncel finally added that the protest would end following the conclusion of budget meetings on December 20th.

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