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Gangs Kidnap 170 Civilians in Afrin Including Women and Children


(ANF) The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an affiliate of al-Qaeda, has kidnapped 170 Kurdish civilians from the village of Ihris near the town of Ezaz is the district of Afrin. According to the ANHA new agency a convoy of tens of vehicles, including mounted anti-aircraft weapons, attacks the village at 04:30 this morning local time.

Armed fighters gathered all of the village residents in the square. They publicly tortured the village headman and his family. Later they looted local houses and took 170 civilians, including women and children, as hostages. They also stole food supplies and 112 vehicles from the village. There is information that the abducted civilians have been taken to the villages of Çawiş, Elo, Rustem, Birawi, Birimo and Sixnê.

On the December 4th ISIS armed groups also abducted 50 Kurdish civilians around the village of Cerablus, in the district of Munbiç between Aleppo and Kobani. Those abducted frequently face torture at the hands of their captors. A Kurdish man – one. B.S – taken prisoner in the village of Kestello spoke of the mistreatment he had received at the hands of ISIS fighters.

Attacks against KUrds in the Biedin neighborhood of Aleppo are also increasing and many Kurds have been forced to leave their homes. Certain neighborhoods are even under blockade by ISIS units.

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