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Rojava Is The Legacy Of The Children We Have Lost


(DİHA) Mothers of the PKK fighters killed in the past consider the Rojava Revolution their own revolution, saying “Rojava is the legacy of our children. We are obligated to grow it, to take ownership of it, and to carry it forward.”

The Rojava Revolution began with the 19 July 2012 People’s Revolution and has arrived at the point of implementing a new administrative framework in Rojava; it is at the same working to develop a system of common-life for all the peoples of the region while also fighting off the imported mercenaries that now covet their lands. This can be seen in the “Middle-East Model” being built by so many different segments of society now in Rojava. The Rojava Revolution, which everyone of conscious and moral character supports, holds a different place for these mothers. For the mothers of killed PKK fighters Rojava is the legacy of their lost children. The mothers told the reporter, “That is the legacy that comes down from our children, we must raise it as a child born free” and called on everyone to take ownership of the revolution.

“I am the mother of all peoples”

The thoughts of Zeliha Özkan, who is 55 years old and who has lost three children in the ranks of the PKK, are always with the youth of the YPG, who are fighting with the mercenaries just on the other side of the artificial border. Özkan blamed the presence of the mercenaries on Turkey, saying “Prime Minister Erdoğan is always bringing up peace. Why is Erdoğan, who cried over the Rabia in Egypt, remaining silent about the massacres in Rojava? Why isn’t he crying for the children over there? On the contrary he is helping the mercenaries over there. Let him stop this hypocrisy. God willing our children will succeed in carrying the Rojava revolution out completely and accomplish a great deed for our people.” Özkan, who explains that she is against all wars in the world but that Kurds have been forced to fight in order to live on their own lands, said “I am the mother of Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Chechens. I am all of their mother, because I am a mother of peace. Wherever there is war I will use myself as shield, from now on let no one else die.

“There is the legacy of our children”

Zeynep Al, 64 years of age, is another mother who lost her son in the ranks of the PKK. Zeynep strongly condemns the mercenaries who are attacking Kurdish gains and told the reporter that “What is happening there is our children’s legacy for us. We must take ownership of it and raise it up as a free child…God willing those gangs will be driven out…us Kurds have always been deceived, but we will not be deceived now. All Kurds need to take ownership of the revolution in Rojava. We must support them.”

“Barzani would not have done this to his own people”

Fatma Aksbaş, whose son Abdulrezzak Akbaş died in the PKK, offered her condolences to PYD co-president Salih Muslim and his family. Muslim’s son Şervan Müslim was killed fighting the mercenaries in the ranks of the YPG. “His martyr is the martyr of all the Kurds” said Akbaş, “I am also the mother of a martyr. I salute the Rojava revolution. We Kurds need to be together. If we are not together and united, Eroğan and his like will easily find a way to play us off one another. If Barzan continues to operate with Erdoğan we will no longer recognize him. He needs to get this into his dead. He would never have done this to his own people. We must take ownership of our martyrs, of Rojava and of the four pieces of Kurdistan.”

“Let us be united”

Ronahi Atay is a Kurdish mother who has lost a son in the PKK. She told the reporter that Kurds are regretting their lack of unity, saying “We must embrace their revolution and do everything we can to support our brothers and sisters in Rojava.” Atay expressed her emotions thus, “We Kurds are together, the whole of four parts. Until we are united as Kurds we will never get any result from our rightful claim. Examine your consciences. Let us be united and let us support Rojava. I am calling on Kurdish mothers in particular, let them not accepted this oppression. I also strongly condemn what Barzani has said about the Rojava revolution. Barzani has backed Tayyip Erdoğan and is saying bad things about the revolution in Rojava. Erdoğan is the enemy of the Kurds. When I saw Barzani next to Erdoğan I could not sleep that night. It is not enough that he walks hand in hand with the enemy, but he directs his words at the Rojava revolution.”


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