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YDG-H: Now is the Time for Action


(ANF) The Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) has released a statement in the wake of the killing of two civilians in the district of Yüksekova (Gever) in Hakkari (Colemêrg) Province during protests over the desecration of guerilla cemetery. The statement was a call for resistance, reading in part “now is the time for action…a massacre was carried out against our patriot people as they gathered to protest the attack against our martyrs cemetery in Gever. The AKP government and the murderous police are talking about a peace process on one side and continuing their arrests and massacres on the other. Until today we have done everything that fell to us for the sake of the peace process. Now we will also do what falls to us. Today the obligation is to hold these murders to account. The target is clear: the murderous police and the AKP who gives them their orders.”

“Today is the day to take responsibility as the YDH-H for the defense of our people which we have undertaken. We are here for this…We must take the spirit of the youth uprising to all the corners of Kurdistan. Every place that we find ourselves must become a castle of resistance. The murderers and those organizers of these massacres should know no attack against our people will go with a response”.

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