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Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Life Returning to Normal in Serêkaniyê

A new report by Aziz Köylüoğlu and carried by ANF speaks to the situation of the city after the recent advances made by the YPG in the region. Below is … Continue reading

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“Your Borders and Your Walls are Illegitimate”

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Nusaybın and Qamişlo to protest the wall that the Turkish state is building on its southern border with Rojava, according to the … Continue reading

November 7, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Dangers and Difficulties Facing Female Agricultural Workers in Turkey

A new report carried by YeniÖzgürPolitka looks at the dangers and difficulties facing seasonal agricultural workers both in Kurdish regions of Turkey and the country as a whole. Below is … Continue reading

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YPG Captures 2 Towns and 38 Villages in Past Week

The YPG have captured scores of villages and two important towns over the past week, according to a report by ANF. The YPG began the first phase of their operation … Continue reading

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Condition of Hunger Striking Mayor Growing Worse

The condition of Ayşe Gökkan – the BDP mayor of Nusaybın who has been on a hunger strike (or death fast as it is being called in Turkish) for the … Continue reading

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Family of Killed YPG Fighter Refused Passage to Rojava from KRG

According to a report in ANF, a family of a slain YPG fighter has been waiting on the KRG-Rojava border for six days in order to attend their son’s funeral. … Continue reading

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Thousands Protest in Van After Another Execution in Iran

Thousands gathered in the district of Özalp in Van Province in order to protest the government of Iran following another execution of a Kurdish political prisoner this morning in Seqiz … Continue reading

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Free Cause Party Members Attack BDP Members in Batman, At Least One Dead

  Individuals claiming to be members of the newly formed Free Cause Party (Turkish: Hür Dava Partisi or HÜDA-PAR) attacked a group of BDP supporters in the Petrol Neighborhood of Batman, according … Continue reading

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Despite Peace Process Turkish State Continues Base Construction in Kurdish Regions

The Turkish State increased base construction in Kurdish regions of Turkey over the course of the PKK withdrawal that began last March as part of the peace process launched by … Continue reading

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Recent Attacks in Erfin Organized By Saudi and Turkish Intelligence

The more than month long assault on Efrin carried out by the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its allies is being organized by Saudi and Turkish intelligence, … Continue reading

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