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Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Erdoğan and Barzani Cooperating Against the Rojava Revolution

(The Article Below is a translation of “Rojava devrimine karşı Erdoğan-Barzani işbirliği” by Ferda Çetin, which originally appeared in Yeni Özgür Politika) Erdoğan, Barzani, Şivan Perwer and İbrahim Tatlises kicked … Continue reading

November 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

Nationalist Mob Surrounds BDP Headquarters in Maraş

(ANF) A group of around three hundred fascists attacked the BDP party building in Maraş earlier today. The attack followed the BDP Maraş Provincial Branch’s Second General Congress, in which … Continue reading

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Thirty Thousand Rally for Kurdistan in Berlin

  (ANF) More than thirty-thousand friends of Kurdistan rallied in Berlin earlier today in order to voice their support for the peace process and demand that the close to twenty-year … Continue reading

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Rojava Remembers the Young Victims of the Amûdê Cinema

  Kurds in Rojava area remembering the young victims of one of the worst moments in their history – the  Amûdê Cinema Disaster says a report in ANF. This November … Continue reading

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JİTEM Currently Has A Staff Of 10,000

According a new report from ANF, testimony revealed in the course of the ongoing trial over human rights abuses committed by members of JİTEM – Jandarma Intelligence and Anti-Terror -states … Continue reading

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Indefinite Sit-in Against “Wall of Shame”

Mardın/Şirnak (DİHA) BDP leaders and activists have begun an indefinite sit-in in Mardin against the continued construction of the “wall of shame” between Qamişlo and Nusaybin. A second protest march … Continue reading

November 13, 2013 · 1 Comment

Let Us Meet at the Barricades for Peace

The co-President of the HDP Ertuğrul Kürkçü, speaking at a meeting of HDP MPs, told those assembled that what suits the Gezi youth is to be demonstrators for peace, not … Continue reading

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Children Collect Gas Canisters to Get By

After battles between protesters and police, children are attempting to collect and sell the gas canisters that have killed and maimed so many, according to a report in Özgür Gündem. … Continue reading

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“The Coming Together of the Kurds is Frightening Certain Individuals”

The Preparatory Committee of the Kurdish National Conference has once again met in Hewler (Erbil), according to a new report in Özgür Gündem. Members of the committee, who are currently … Continue reading

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Women and Youth March Against the Wall of Shame in Istanbul

Hundreds marched in the Şişli district of Istanbul to protest the “wall of shame” being built between Nusaybın and Qamişlo and the recent execution of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran, … Continue reading

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