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YPG Brings Til Temir Operation To Successful Completion


(ANF) A statement from the YPG has enumerated the successes as well as the casualty figures for the recent  “Revolutionary Operation of the Martyrs of Tim Temir” that it launched on November 25 in the Hesekê (Arabic: al-Hasakah) region of north-eastern Rojava. The YPG liberated 29 villages while killing 34 members of al-Qaeda affiliated groups. 2 YPG fighters  – Memo Mîtan and Cesûr Efrîn – were also killed in the fighting.

The operation was launched with the goal of opening up a number of roads held by the al-Qaeda linked groups and freeing locals from the presence that the threat of these gangs posed to local civilians. The YPG’s Special Forces Brigade as well as brigades of the Hesekê and Qamişlo Military Council  took part in the operation, together with units of the YJA. The four day operation liberated the region between Til-Temir and Hesekê, Til Temir and Bêder, and around the Xabur Dam.

The course of the operation:

First Day: YPG forces liberated the area between Til Bêder and the Dam. YPG forces also took four places used by al-Qaeda affiliated groups as headquarters, as well as control of road between Til Bêder and Hesekê. They also surrounded the district of Tiwêna.

Second Day: YPG forces launched an operation against 5 al-Qaeda centers. In the course of the operation they liberated the triangle between Til Bêder, Til Temir and the dam. While launching a operation against the village of Xerîta, which had been used as an al-Qaeda base, they also expelled all al-Qaeda fighters.  11 civilians were also freed during the operation.

Third Day: Al-Qaeda fighters attacked YPG forces in Tiwêna using civilians as human shields. As a response YPG forces entered the town from three different areas and completely liberated the district. After the liberation of Tiwêna, YPG forces cleared the areas between Til Bêder and Hesekê, and between the village of Xerîta and the Xabûr Dam of any remaining al-Qaeda elements.

Fourth Day: YPG forces established between the village of Xerîta and Tiwêna began to advance toward Til Temir. Brigades attached to the Til Temir Military Council advanced on the central al-Qaeda base in the village of Ruguba. In the course of the operation the village and the surrounding hills were captured. The YPG also engaged al-Qaeda close to Tiwêna, Xerîta, and three nearby villages. In clashes that lasted 5 hours the YPG advanced in Til Temir on two fronts and secured the Til Temir-Hesekê road.

29 Villages Liberated

In the course of the 4 day operation the YPG liberated 29 villages. In addition they killed 34 al-Qaeda fighters and wounded many more. YPG forces also captured various military equipment, including three truck-mounted machine guns, and numerous heavy and light weapons. They also freed 11 Kurdish hostages.

The areas liberated in the operation are as follows: In district of Tiwêna, the villages of Elwan, Xirbet Şêr, Xerîta, Şemoka, Til Ruman Foqanî, Til Ruman Tehtanî, Til Sekra, Til Fêda, Til Şamîran, Ruguba, Um El-Mesamîr, Em El-Dibis, Um El-Meiz, Dêra Seyide Meryem El-Ezarai, Wadî El-Humir, Oca, Til Mexas, Til Birîc, Til Tal, Til Werdiyat, Til Şama, Til Baz, Til Balûa, Til Koran, Til Telea, Wadî El-Humir, Til Cedaya, Em Xergan and Til Erbûş – the Wezîr guesthouse, the Layvstûn rest facility and the Medacin chicken farm.

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