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Thousands Attend Funeral of Bomb Attack Victims in Qamişlo


(ANF) Thousands of mourners took part in the funeral procession for three people killed in a bombing attack a public protection center in the Qenastwês neighborhood of Qamişlo yesterday. One of those killed, İbrahim Elî Derweş, was a member of the public protection forces (asayiş), while the other two,  Hebîb Şex Elî and Îmad Seyîd Omer, were civilians.

Mourners carried the coffins of the three men from Enteriyê mosque Martyr Delil Saruhan Cemetery chanting slogans saying “Martyrs do not die” and “With our blood and our lives we are with you O martyr.” A moment of silence was held as mourners arrived at the cemetery. Elî Reşo spoke in the name of the Families of Martyrs Association and Ebdulkerîm Saruhan spoke in the name of TEV-DEM. Saruhan reminded those gathered that the attack occurred as the people of West Kurdistan sped up their work toward a temporary administration. One of the slain man’s families members also spoke before the three were laid to rest.

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