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Nationalist Mob Surrounds BDP Headquarters in Maraş


(ANF) A group of around three hundred fascists attacked the BDP party building in Maraş earlier today. The attack followed the BDP Maraş Provincial Branch’s Second General Congress, in which the party was choosing new local representatives. Although the Maraş Provincial Governor was directly across the street little attempt was made by public authorities to stop the mob at first, and demonstrators were allowed to surround the building and chant nationalist and racist slogans.

As the size of the mob outside the building grew, the five party functionaries inside closed the shutters and barred the doors in an attempt to keep the mob out. Metin Gönülşen, who had just been chosen to be the BDP’s Provincial President, is reported to have said that “Despite the risk that our five party friends will be lynched they are still cut off. They want to carry out a second Maraş [Massacre] here.”
When police first arrived, they did nothing to push back the crowd. According to the most recent report from Özgür Gündem, however, the crowd did retreat when finally instructed to by the police.

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