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YPG Captures 2 Towns and 38 Villages in Past Week

The YPG began a new operation on the 1st of this month around Serekaniyê

The YPG began a new operation on the 1st of this month around Serêkaniyê

The YPG have captured scores of villages and two important towns over the past week, according to a report by ANF. The YPG began the first phase of their operation – code named “Allegiance to the Martyrs of Serêkaniyê” – on November 1st, in which they liberated 19 villages and secured the road between Serêkaniyê and Til Temir.

The second phase of their operation began on November 4th. According to a statement from the YPG’s press center, the operation continued until 17:00 the following day and was successful in capturing the towns of Til Xelef and Menacir.

The YPG forces now claim to control the regions to the south and west of Serêkaniyê, and have pushed the Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its allies out of strategic positions such as old Til Xelef and the village of Eziziye. The list of captured villages and towns was given as follows: the villages of Duwêra, Mescid, Baluca, Dirêî, Xirbêt El Benet, Qisêr, Meqtele, Ebu Ceradî, Ebu Sun, El Xalidiyê, Til Erqem, Tiwêmiyê, Mitînî, El Muqeren, Um Ezan, Şerke, Berem, Ezîziyê and Um El-Esafîr and the towns ofTil Xelef and Menaci.

The YPG also captured an important granary in Til Xelef, as well as a command center in Eziziye along with a large stash of weapons, vehicles, ammunitions and logistic supplies.

YPG forces have also been successful in the east of Rojava, where in an operation that began on October 23rd they captured the strategically important city of Til Koçer and the nearby border gate to Iraq.


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