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Condition of Hunger Striking Mayor Growing Worse

Ayşe Gökkan vows to continue her fast until death or when the construction of the wall is halted

Ayşe Gökkan vows to continue her fast until death or when the construction of the wall is halted

The condition of Ayşe Gökkan – the BDP mayor of Nusaybın who has been on a hunger strike (or death fast as it is being called in Turkish) for the past seven days to protest the construction of a wall diving Rojava from northern Kurdistan – continues to grow worse, says a report in ANF. Gökkan is conducting her strike in a mine-field along the border between Nusaybın and Qamişlo.

According to Kamiran Yıldırım, the President of the Mardin branch of the Turkish Doctors Union, who examined Gökkan, her situation is growing serious. The doctor reported her situation as follows:

“Because she has not drank water with salt or sugar she is throwing up the water she drinks. She has experienced rapid weight loss. She has supposedly lost 9 kilos. According to her own recollection she was 68 kilos before she began and she has now fallen to 59 kilos. We have come to a critical stage. There is dropsy in her legs. All the signs of hunger have manifested themselves in a very rapid and debilitating fashion.  She says that she still sees them building a wall along the border. She said that while the construction of the wall has not stopped she will continue her struggle until the death.”

The doctor went on to explain how her initial decision not to take fluids has made her current condition worse.
In an interview with DİHA Gökkan explained how borders have affected women more than men, and how men designed borders according to their own conceptions of the world, saying  “the problem is not only the wall, in the 21st Century borders need to come down. In the same way that in Nusaybın Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Yezidis and     Kurds live together, they also live together in Rojava. Building this wall with the goal of building a wall of shame between the Kurdish people is unacceptable in the 21st Century.”


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