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Human Rights Defenders: Let’s Tear Down That Wall


A comittee from the İHD visited the border where Turkey is constructing a new wall to divide Northern and Western Kurdistan

A comittee from the İHD visited the border where Turkey is constructing a new wall to divide Northern and Western Kurdistan

A committee from the Human Rights Foundation (İnsan Hakları Derneği – İHD) inspected the wall now rising on the Nusabyin-Qamislo border  and made a call to “tear down the wall” – according to a report from Özgür Gündem.

A committee comprised of the İHD Mardin Branch Chairperson Erdal Kuzu, the İHD Diyarbakır Branch Chairperson Raci Bilici, and the President of the Mardin Bar Association Azat Yıldırım inspected the border that runs between the town of Nusayıbın, in Mardin province, and Qamişlo, the largest city in Rojava.   Over the past couple of weeks Turkish authories have begun to construct a enforced wall along the border which the public has come to dubb “the wall of shame.” After the inspection, Bilici said that although the people have rejected the current borders countless times, the AKP government and the state are insisting on them. Bilici stated, “By building new walls, [the AKP government] is following a policy that deepens and worsens the current situation. As defenders of human rights, we are saying this: No one benefited from these policies, and no one will.”

Let’s Tear Down the Walls

Bilici emphasized that instead of building walls, the AKP government should tear down the wall diving Kurds, opposition members and other peoples: “If we tear down these walls, it will improve dialogue and the negotiations. This is how you can develop a solution; this is how you can bring piece to the Middle East and Turkey. For this reason we have stated time and time again that we will not accept, we are not accepting [these policies]. Right now behind us they are laying the foundation of a ‘wall of shame’. We will expose this in every instance, every platform. We will oppose this. Because these walls will darken our future. On the contrary they will not serve peace in Turkey. [Or] produce things that will help the peace in Turkey. Let’s tear down these walls – let’s meet, develop dialogue and negotiations.”

Bilici went on to say that they are continuing their investigations in the region, and after meeting the officials, they will prepare a report that will be made avaliable to the public.


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