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Major Islamist Charity Seeking to Use Turkish Students to Support al-Qaeda in Syria

İHH is one the largest charities in Turkey

İHH is one the largest charities in Turkey

The Human Rights and Freedoms Association (İHH) Charity – one of Turkey’s largest NGOs and a holder of Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council – has been given the authority to collect and deliver aid to opposition groups in Syria such as al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) without seeking the permission of the Turkish government, according to a report from ANF. According to a recent investigation conducted by Human Rights Watch,  groups supported the İHH were accused of massacring upwards of 200 civilians last August in Latakia, and taking many more hostage. Moreover they have been repeatedly accused of committing similar atrocities against Kurds and other peoples in Rojava.

The charity, along with Deniz Feneri and the Kimse Yokmu Dernekleri and a number of other charities (some of which are under investigation both in Turkey and Europe for misuse of funds), received official exemption from government oversight from the Turkish Interior Ministry this past April. According to the article, the İHH even requested help from provincial governorates two months ago in organizing Middle School students in an aid campaign. In a letter written to all the Turkish governorates and signed by the under-secretary of the charity,  İHH requested the help of local authorities in their attempts to organize and direct aid drives within Turkish schools.


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