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Family Finally Receives Body of Martyred Daughter After One Year of Delays

After almost one year of delays, Havva's funeral took place in Doğubayazıt

After almost one year of delays, Havva’s funeral took place in Doğubayazıt

The father of a HPG guerilla killed nearly a year ago in clashes with the Turkish military said that he was happy to finally be able to bury his daughter, according to a report from ANF. Havva Mehmetnijat – from Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan – died in fighting in Şırnak province last November on Cudi Mountain. The Turkish military recovered her body and buried it in a cemetery for unknown persons in Maltya Province, despite the fact that her identity was made known to them.

After multiple attempts over the course of the past year in which he traveled from Iran to Turkey Havva’s father, Ehmed Mehmetnejat, was finally able to persuade Turkish authorities to hand over his daughter’s remains. Havva, who took the name Ruhal Welat when she joined the guerrillas, was born in Maku, in Iranian Kurdistan.

Havva’s funeral took place in Doğubayazıt and was attended by the co-president of the BDP in Ağrı Province Halef Keklik; both co-presidents of the BDP in Doğubayazıt – Cemil Rızaoğulları and Fatma Okçu; the Mayor of Doğubayazıt, Canan Kormakz; the President of the Ağrı Provincial Council  Kenan Alkan; and Kasım Pervane, the General Secretary of MEYA-DER – and organization which works on the maintenance of guerilla cemeteries and the tracking of missing persons disappeared during the conflict. The funeral procession was also accompanied by hundreds of private citizens, who carried Havva’s body to the cemetery amid chants of “Love Live President Apo” and “The PKK is the people and the people are here.”

Havva’s father Ehmed addressed those who had gathered at the funeral, saying “My Daughter is a martyr for the Kurdish people. She is a martyr for President Apo. Two of my daughters went to the mountains for Apo’s freedom. Today I retrieved my daughter’s body from the hands of the enemy. I am happy. I thank the people here for not leaving us alone.


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