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Rojava Is Our Common Revolution

A Comittee from DÖKH has been waiting in Erbil while it awaits permission from the Barzani government to cross into Rojava

A Comittee from DÖKH has been waiting in Erbil while it awaits permission from the Barzani government to cross into Rojava

A committee from the Democratic Free Women’s Movement (DÖKH) is waiting in the town of Hewlêr (Erbil) for permission to enter Rojava, says Saturday’s Özgür Gündem. The Democratic Peoples’ Congress (DTK) co-chairwoman Aysel Tuğluk, who is also a member of the committee now awaiting authorization from the Government of Iraqi Kurdistan to enter Rojava, made a statement.

The Will of the People of Rojava Must Be Recognized

Speaking to DİHA, Tuğluk said that there is too much misinformation and manipulation regarding Rojava in Turkey. She said that the people of Rojava are direct participants in the government, and that the revolution serves as a model of self-government. She added, “As women’s organizations, we wanted to visit Rojava for a long time, to be in solidarity with, to sympathize with, and to support the struggle of the people of Rojava.” Underlining that the Rojava Revolution is part of a large revolution, and that it should be seen as the revolution of North, South and East (Kurdistan), Tuğluk stated that Turkey closed its borders to prevent Kurdish people from influencing each other, and that it is preventing the DÖKH committee from entering Rojava.

Turkey Is Acting Hostile

In the past few days, Turkey has opened up the Mürşitpınar border gate for humanitarian aid. Tuğluk stated that they see this as a positive ableit insufficient development, and that Turkey is still acting hostile towards Rojava. Viewing this as bad politics, Tuğluk said that the (AKP-supported) armed groups will turn against Turkey in the near future: “The Turkish state and government are not accepting the Rojava Revolution, and its political will. All of their efforts are for ignoring and illegalizing the political will there. They have been pursuing this policy for a long time. The Turkish state does not want Kurds to gain political recognition in Rojava. They are trying to effectuate this with an indirect military intervention. The (AKP) government is warmongering; it wants a war in Syria. It is thinking in the meanwhile whether it can end the Rojava revolution, whether it can suffocate it. This policy is neither friendly nor humane.”

Kurds Must Have A Common Strategy

Tuğluk added, “Kurds can achieve autonomy and freedom only if they see the events from a perspective of national unity. The solidarity of Kurds is a must at these times. Any force that does not have this will face serious hardships in the face of history. Mr. Öcalan is in the lead because he sees this. I think that Kurds must seriously consider the opportunities that have arisen in these times. Kurds must adopt a strategic perspective to achieve unity; the national congress must take place without further delay, without exaggerating internal conflicts.”

The Sêmalka Border Must Be Opened

Tuğluk stressed that the policy of the government in Eribl toward Rojava must change: “There is no explanation as to why the Rojava border gate has been closed until now, and this is leading to reactions among the Kurds. The South Kurdistan government must not be a tool in this game. It should follow a more careful policy. It should abandon its current policies, and open the Rojava border gate.”

The DÖKH committee, comprised of ten members including Aysel Tuğluk, Deputy Co-Chair of the Peace and Democracy Party Yüksel Mutluk, Mayor of Nisebîn Ayşe Gökkan, Mayor of Licê Fikriye Aytin, and People’s Democratic Congress (DTK) Permanent Assembly member Nurhayat Altun, will make several contacts while waiting in Hewlêr. They will pay a visit of condolence to the Regional Interior Ministry in memory of those who lost their lives in the Hewlêr attack, and visit the Maxmur Refugee Camp, where  refugees from Rojava are now residing.


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