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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

AKP wants to destroy monument named for PKK marty and German revolutionary Andrea Wolf

According to an article in Özgür Gündem AKP provincial council members in Van have ordered the Ronahî Martys’ Monument in the village of Andiçin (Kelahêrê) in the district of Çatak … Continue reading

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YPG Warns Turkey Against Further Provocations

According to two separate reports in – found here and here – the General Command of the YPG has released an official warning to the Turkish State in which it … Continue reading

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Turkish Army Shells YPG Positions in Rojava

Last night the Turkish Army shelled Susik, a village in the vicinity of Girê Spî where YPG fighters have been clashing with al-Qaeda affiliates supported by Turkey – according to … Continue reading

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Clashes between YPG and Al-Qaeda in Girê Sipî – Turkish Army Actively Participating

According to two different reports today from ANF – found here and here – intense fighting has broken out near the village of Susik, in the vicinity of Girê Sipî … Continue reading

September 19, 2013 · 2 Comments

Turkey Preparing Major New Offensive with Al-Qaeda Against Rojava

According to an article in today’s Özgür Gündem, Turkey is preparing a major new offensive to strike at Serêkaniyê. Turkish planners have moved hundreds of reinforcements from Damascus, Rakka, Idlib, … Continue reading

September 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

Rojava’s Revolution is a Women’s Revolution

A new article from ANF highlights the gains women have made since the revolution in Rojava began 15 months ago, and the role women have taken in carrying the revolution … Continue reading

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KCK: Erdoğan Offers Nothing but the Same Statist Mentality

The Co-presidency of the KCK has released a written statement in response to the speech made by Turkish PM Erdoğan in Adıyaman this past Saturday. The statement compares Erdoğan’s rhetoric … Continue reading

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HDP: There is a State of Insurrection in Turkey, We Want to be Its Voice

Fatma Gök, the co-president of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), told Özgür Gündem in a recent interview that the party would be the “voice of insurrection.” The HDP was formed … Continue reading

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Locals Rebuild Guerilla Cemetery after Attack by Turkish army

Organized by the Mardin branch of the BDP, thousands of locals marched to the Agit Suruç Martyr’s Cemetery, in the district of Nusaybin, carrying bags of sand, cement and brick … Continue reading

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KDP Members Make Death Threats Against Rojava Refugees

According to a report from the Hawar News Agency and run in Özgür Gündem, a KDP official accompanied by a number of Perşmerge visited the Girêgevrê and Misrîk camps in … Continue reading

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