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PKK: The 12th of September Constitution Must be Completely Abandoned (Hozat Interview Part II)

Earlier Hozat spoke about the importance of Öcalan for the peace process

Earlier Hozat spoke about the importance of Öcalan for the peace process

Yesterday we posted excerpts of an interview conducted by Özgür Gündem with Besê Hozat,  the co-president of the KCK. Below is a continuation of the same interview, in which Hozat discusses the ongoing debate about constitutional reform in Turkey and the party’s vision for a new, democratic order in the region. The original text of the interview (in Turkish) can be found here.

What decisions did the Congress take and what strategy did it provide for in order push along the process of a democratic solution?

The Congress decided before everything else to continue and increase the struggle to push along the process for a democratic solution. We came to a decision to put forward our desire for a democratic political solution and continue the struggle everywhere with all of our strength. On this foundation the struggle will be spread to the whole of society – its strongest form from an approach that seeks a unity of democratic forces on which to organize resistance. All social dynamics will be brought together in a forceful approach to organization and struggle. The Democratic Turkey, Free Kurdistan project will develop durable and ideal vehicles for struggle in a creative fashion.

In Turkey there is an ongoing debate on the new constitution, what needs to be done for a democratic constitutional solution to the Kurdish issue?

Before everything else the fascist 12th of September Constitution which was constructed around a genocidal, denialist and destructive mentality needs to be completely abandoned. This is not a constitution that can be corrected with improvements. Turkey needs an entirely new constitution based on a mentality of democracy and freedom. As our Leader has said many times this could take the form of a temporary draft agreement. On top of this a pluralist, emancipatory constitution based on participatory democracy could be developed over time and as the result of deeply rooted efforts in which different segments of society are included in the decision-making process. The understanding of the Turkish State – for want of an understanding on the part of AKP government on how to make a democratic constitution – has unfortunately covered no ground over the past year. Of course the solution the Kurdish issue is a constitutional solution. Kurdish identity should be recognized constitutionally.  In Turkey besides for Kurds there are segments and communities possessing different ethnicities, cultures and faiths. In this sense a democratic, pluralist and emancipatory constitution should be introduced that recognizes all these different identities – including Kurds – and that is built on the foundation of an identity formula which views all of these differences as a part of Turkey’s richness and encompasses them all.The Democratic Nation perspective provides the foundation for a new constitution and if the new constitution is prepared with this perspective in mind the constitutional dimension of the Kurdish issue will be resolved.  

Together with the work of the national congress, a level of Kurdish national unity is developing. How did the Congress evaluate this coming stage on the subject of the Kurdish people”s national unity?

On the subject of national unity a difficult struggle was waged and immense effort expended. This efforts produced results and have come to a very important stage. From the perspective of the Kurds it can be said in this historical process that the the decision to form a National Congress and to direct its preparation was a huge success. Efforts at national unity in the four pieces of Kurdistan and among all Kurds living abroad has created a great deal of hope and excitement. The mental, spiritual and physical borders between Kurds have been torn down, and it has opened the way for amalgamation, unity and solidarity. Now no power or party can stand in the way of these efforts going forward. This is the principal frame from which to evaluate the congress.

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