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YPG Warns Turkey Against Further Provocations

The YPG has officially warned Turkey against further provocation

The YPG has officially warned Turkey against further provocation

According to two separate reports in – found here and here – the General Command of the YPG has released an official warning to the Turkish State in which it calls on Turkey to cease hostilities against the YPG. Turkey has long been known to be backing al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Rojava such as the al-Nusra Front, which has been involved in heavy fighting with the YPG this summer. However the warning followed two cross-border attacks yesterday in which Turkish soldiers fired directly on YPG positions. In total 5 YPG fighters were killed. According to the reports the General Command’s warning read thus:

If the Turkish State continues to insist on supporting armed groups this will only have negative consequences. These operations being carried out by the Turkish State are hurting regional security and need to end.

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