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Clashes between YPG and Al-Qaeda in Girê Sipî – Turkish Army Actively Participating

Fighters with the YPG are defending the village

Fighters with the YPG are defending the village

According to two different reports today from ANF – found here and here – intense fighting has broken out near the village of Susik, in the vicinity of Girê Sipî (Arabic: Tal Abaid), between groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and units attached to the YPG. Girê Sipî is directly across the Turkish border from Akçakale, from where the Turkish government and military is providing military and material support to groups fighting in Syria.

The fighting started at 05:30 this morning local time, when al-Qaeda affiliated forces began an attack on the village. The YPG put up a fierce resistance and the attackers were reported to have suffered around 60 casualties before being forced to withdraw. The attack followed clashes yesterday evening when a number of al-Qaeda fighters were also killed. The village had been liberated by the YPG following a battle on the 15th of September, but attempts by al-Qaeda and their Turkish backers to retake the village continue.

Turkish Army Actively Participating

Alongside more conventional material and logistical support, Turkish soldiers are said to be actively taking part in clashes. In addition to the at least six Turkish ambulances which crossed the border to carry back wounded, Turkish military snipers firing from across the border killed two fighters attached to the YPG. Clashes around the village continue.

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