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KCK: Erdoğan Offers Nothing but the Same Statist Mentality

Members of the KCK Executive Council

Members of the KCK Executive Council

The Co-presidency of the KCK has released a written statement in response to the speech made by Turkish PM Erdoğan in Adıyaman this past Saturday. The statement compares Erdoğan’s rhetoric to that of Mahmut Esat Bozkurt and Nihal Atsız – both of whom were fervent Turkish nationalists –  and argues that it is proof that the Turkish state has still abandoned its policy of “Turkification.” Below are a number of excerpts of the statement translated to English. The statement was quoted in an article from ANF.

Those trying to push Kurds out of these lands will themselves be pushed out. Kurds will achieve a democratic and free existence together with the other peoples living within the borders of Turkey…With the speech Prime Minister Erdoğan gave he revealed his true face to the Kurds. A policy that once again would not solve the Kurdish issue was presented before us. He showed a hopeless insistence on repeating the same old words. And it is clear now that he still views the support of the nationalist factions of the civil and military bureaucracies as important.

The Prime Minister still insists on cultural genocide within the framework of the nation-state. For this reason mother-tongue education is disallowed and the demand for self-administration is looked upon as a demand for a separate state. The Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Leader of the Kurdish People have many times stresses that the state would not bring democracy. For this reason the will and desire for a solution to the Kurdish issue works towards the democratization of Turkey. From this perspective the Prime Minister’s saying that “they want a state” is screwing the reality and nothing but demagogy.


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