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HDP: There is a State of Insurrection in Turkey, We Want to be Its Voice


Fatma Gök, the co-president of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), told Özgür Gündem in a recent interview that the party would be the “voice of insurrection.” The HDP was formed as a new political party out of the Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK), and is set to run in alliance with the BDP. The BDP will run candidates in Kurdish regions of the country while the HDP will run candidates in the West as part of a common strategy for the March 2014 municipal elections. Gök is reported to have said:

As the HDP we think that a lot of people organized around our principals will be together with us during the election…the governmental model that we provide works for the participation of all groups of people who are not inside the political system and are looked down upon – for example women, youth, and those victimized by and othered by the system. Starting from the neighborhood the requirement of participatory democracy is to transform these groups into political subjects. Our rallying cry – Let’s Run Our City Ourselves – is this in its concrete state. We have no preoccupations with a classical election victory.

We ourselves are trying to unite everyone who has given their heart to the ideological framework of the HDK, as well those who remain outside of it,  around an understand of government that is outside the practices of the traditional parties. We cannot wait for a savior. We have to save ourselves. In Turkey there is a state of insurrection directed towards the system. We saw this in ODTÜ, in Gezi and in Tuzluçayır. In Turkey a large portion of the population are malcontent with the way they have been pushed aside. We want to be the voice of this and add our voice to this.


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