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Locals Rebuild Guerilla Cemetery after Attack by Turkish army


Organized by the Mardin branch of the BDP, thousands of locals marched to the Agit Suruç Martyr’s Cemetery, in the district of Nusaybin, carrying bags of sand, cement and brick and repaired the damage done after Turkish soldiers desecrated the cemetery last week. The locals were joined by officials from the BDP an HDK, as well as members of MEYA-DER, TUHAD-DER, and Mothers for Peace.

The BDP MP from Muş, Demir Çelik, spoke at the rededication, saying:
Here 44 souls are resting. One of them was dug up by construction equipment and left out in the open. The graves of the remaining 43 were destroyed. But human determination has today on the summit of Bagok once again won out against oppression and cruelty. Our people, in carrying sand, brick, cement and water to make this guerilla cemetery built a monument to our renewed commitment to them.


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