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Women in Rojava Forced into “Temporary Marriage” by al-Nusra, Others



In a recent report by the BBC’s Turkish Service, the BBC spoke with two female refugees from Rojava now living across the border in Ceylanpınar about their experiences before and during the war, their time in Turkey, and their desire to return home. Among other thing the women discussed were the problems that they had with the Assad regime, and the current dangers for women in Rojava. Perhaps most striking, however, were the stories concerning the abuse of women by the radical Islamist groups – such as al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – now common in areas under their control. Below is a segment of the report translated into English:

I am asking Fehime about the situation of women in Rojava: “When the regime was in power how were things, how are they now?”

They said things were better during the regime times if for different reasons. They go on for a long time, explaining how things have become…

“When the regime was in power, for example when I wanted to go to Aleppo on every public bus there was certainly at least 3-4 people from Syrian Intelligence or other departments of the regime. This was not to protect the people this was to put pressure on them. In that way even with all the bad thoughts going through one’s mind one was not brave enough to do anything.”

And now? Their faces take on a look of rage. They continue to explain in the same tone. Only that the words I don’t understand are coming quicker:

“Like with the regime everything is permissible. Al-Qaeda members introduced “temporary marriage” in Til Ebyad. They grabbed a woman and took her away. By morning 8 people had been with her. Every hour a new temporary marriage. They are also doing this in the name of Islam. They are congratulatiıong each other upon each marriage. The religious leaders are giving fatwas that say ‘this is helal in war.’ This woman killed herself after these events.”

After a long period of silence she continues…

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