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KCK comes out in Support of Turkish Protests, Calls on Kurds to Join

Members of the KCK Executive Council

Members of the KCK Executive Council

In an article from ANF, the Co-Presidency of the Executive Council of the KCK is reported to have come out in support of the street demonstrations that gripped Turkey yesterday following the death of another protest, Ahmet Atakan, in Antakya two days ago.

In a written statement the Co-Presidency condemned the killing of Ahmet Atakan and offered a message of solidarity with the forces working for democracy in Turkey. Excerpts of the statement have been taken from ANF and translated into English below:

The Kurdish people must do their share to bring about a solution to the Kurdish problem and a democratization in Turkey, and be everyone shoulder to shoulder with democratic forces in the struggle for democracy and freedom…

…The AKP government policy of attacking and suppressing marches and demonstrations in Kurdistan is also being implemented in Turkey. At each demonstration they are knowingly killing 1, 2 or 3 protesters. They are counting on suppressing social opposition in this way. During the rule of the AKP Government the number of police have been increased and they were given new arms and equipment in order to suppress opposition. Turkey has been completely turned into a police state.

…The police attacks against the protests against the Alevi assimilation protect in Ankara’s Tuzluçayır a few days ago show how they react to any form of democratic demonstration. The AKP government is experiencing Gezi syndrome. If they do not suppress the demonstrations and another Gezi Park resistance emerges they are afraid that this will bring down the government.  

…[In order for the AKP to take steps on the Kurdish issue] the struggle by democratic forces in Turkey is to be supported. A place on the side of the forces of freedom against the ongoing attack on the opposition in Turkey is to be taken. The democratic struggle of the people in Turkey is to united with the struggle of the Kurdish people for democracy and freedom. Until the AKP government takes serious steps towards democratization and until there is a solution to the Kurdish problem this struggle will continue…


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