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Salih Muslim plans to visit the United States, wants to open a PYD office in Ankara

PYD, co-president Salih Muslim

PYD, co-president Salih Muslim

In a recent live broadcast on Sterk TV Salih Muslim, co-president of the PYD, spoke about the party’s relationships with Turkey and the international community, and the need for meetings between party officials and Abdullah Öcalan. According to a report by Radikal, Muslim spoke thus:

We came to an understanding late with Turkey. We were always on the side of dialog, and with our trips to Turkey we have realized this. Turkey had doubts about us and we had doubts about Turkey. This all come from a misunderstanding between ourselves. We want to build friendly ties [between each other]. This will take time. We are meeting with the Foreign Ministry on the foundation of mutual respect. There are no meetings with MİT [Turkish Intelligence]. We are meetings with representatives from the Foreign Office. If Turkey maintains a good relationship with us it will win the sympathy of all the Kurds. Because they eyes of all Kurds are on Rojava.

Sahil also suggested that the PYD could open a branch in Ankara, saying:

We are just at the beginning. Our meetings will come to take on a certain order. Because we are not a state we cannot get extend an invitation to the Turkish Foreign Office to come to Rojava.

On the subject of the United States,  Muslim – who has already traveled to Turkey, Iran and Russia – confirmed that he received an invitation to visit the United States, but that the US had not recognized them despite the fact that they were fighting with al-Nusra and other Islamic groups, America’s declared enemy:

We are fighting the enemies of the United States, and they don’t even give us a visa.


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