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Demirtaş Condemns the Desecration of a Guerilla Cemetery by Turkish Army


Selahattin Demirtaş, co-President of the BDP, condemned the vandalization of a cemetery constructed by locals to hold the graves of guerrillas killed in fighting with the Turkish army. The cemetery is located on Bagok Mountain in the district of Nusayibin, and was badly damaged by Turkish soldiers this week, according to a report in ANF.

Demirtaş, who noted the timing of the attack corresponded to a critical juncture in the peace process,  went on to say:

We still have not seen any serious work. The peace process is not reflected in this tone. We are working on this problem for a century and still the governments words and behavior have not tone. Here we cannot speak of brotherhood in our discourse. A hegemonic, oppressive language and tone is being employed. There is still an understanding that looks down at the Kurdish people and their political will as small and contemptible. Kurds will not accept this.

It is even said that they stole one of the corpses. Now these kinds of acts aimed at provocation and destroying the peace process will happen. However nowhere in the world is assaulting a cemetery looked upon as a moral act. This has been the case throughout human history. If you defile the graves of their children, that is enough of a reason for that people to rise up. Forget the peace process and everything else.


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