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Sabri Ok: If Rojava is attacked the borders will fall and the revolution will spread to Northern Kurdistan

Sabri Ok

Sabri Ok

Sabri Ok, a member of the executive committee of the KCK, said in a report by ANF and carried by Özgür Gündem that the people of Syria who have chosen to work for democracy and freedom are in a central fight with the forces of the nation-state and international hegemonic powers. He went on to say that this war would redetermine the status of powers and peoples in the region, and that:

If the Turkish State attacks Rojava, then Bakur and Rojava will unite, the borders will come down and the two revolutions will be carried out together.

He continued to stress that many of the problems of the Middle East have centered and come together in a concrete fashion in Syria, saying:

From this perspective the developments in Syria will not remain marginal to this country but affect the entirety of the Middle East to a significant degree.

According to Ok the region is experiencing a period of general change in which international hegemonic forces and the forces of the nation-state were working to reshape the region in their own interests, and against the peoples of the region who had chosen a democracy based on their own power:

If the peoples and the faith-groups can found their own democratic systems conscious of freedom and committed to brotherhood the classic forces of the nation-state and international hegemonic forces will not have reached their goal.

On Rojava:

Rojava’s revolution is as the same time the responsibility of all Kurds. Rojava’s revolution is the revolution of our whole people. Moral support should be given at the highest level. Economic, health and such aid should be mobilized at every chance.

If Turkey discounts 20 million kurds, and the democrats and revolutionaries in Turkey and says I will attack Rojava and take it over a northern revolution will develope. The Rojava and Bakur revolution is the same. The border doesn’t really exist now. Our people made a revolution in Rojava and we won’t take one step backwards. Our people will protect the revolution there at any cost.

On Chemical Weapons:

The opposition in Syria is not whiter than white. Therefore any kind of inhumane action from such an opposition is entirely possible. The regime could also have used chemical weapons. We know from Halabja that the callous, nation-state power that is the Baathist tradition is no stranger to such kind of atrocities.


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