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12-Point Report on Rojava prepared before Kurdish National Congress

 Members of the Prepatory Committee Discuss Rojava

Members of the Prepatory Committee Discuss Rojava

The Panel for the Support of the People of Rojava presented their report to the Preparatory Committee of the First Kurdish National Congress, due to open this month in Erbil. The report highlighted 12 points of action that it requested be taken in order to strengthen national unity and achieve a common position on Rojava ahead of the meeting of parties from across the four regions of Kurdistan. The 12 points have been translated to English below from a report by Özgür Gündem.

  • All parties and sides are requested to work to bring the Erbil Accord into place, and the Kurdish Supreme Council (Desteye Bilinda Kurdi) and in particular its expert committees should be activated.

  • Seeing that war is not in the interest of the Kurds and that it is reason for an increase in the enemies of the Kurdish people, emergency measures are requested to prevent war in the Kurdish region. On the subject of war and peace all sides should be in agreement and come to one decision.

  • All sides should work to form a united and common military force.

  • Emergency medicine should be procured for Rojava

  • The Semalka Border Crossing between the Federal Kurdistan Region and Rojava Kurdistan should be opened to trade, but a common program for Rojava should should be developed and supported by all interested parties in Kurdistan, and not by just one side.

  • Migration of Kurds from Rojava to Turkey or the Federal Kurdistan Region should be halted. Permission to cross should only be given under humanitarian considerations for a certain period ahead.

  • The headquarters of all political parties should be relocated to Rojava.

  • A war between the Kurdish parties in the press should be prevented.

  • Work should directed towards building a refugee camp in Rojava Kurdistan and people forced to leave their homes should settle here. At the same time work should directed at bringing those who migrated to the Federal Kurdistan Region back to Rojava.

  • The work of intellectuals and press workers should not be obstructed and respect should be shown to the work and freedom of the press.

  • The people of Northern Kurdistan should put pressure on the Turkish government to open the border crossings between Turkey and Rojava.

  • It is requested that certain segments of the population help in the delivery of weapons and ammunition to the YPG:

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