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KNC and YPG agree on a temporary adminstrative framework for Rojava

Aldar Xelîl

Aldar Xelîl

In a recent interview with Özgür Gündem, Aldar Xelîl, a member of the governing body of a Movement for a Democratic Society, or TEV-DEM – the umbrella organization of civil society organizations close to the PYD and representing a majority of the Kurds in Syria- spoke to the paper about the current situation in Rojava and its future goverance.

In particular Xelîl spoke about the meetings which recently occured between the two existing parliaments in Rojava – the Syrian Kurds National Parliament (ENKS) and the Rojava Kurds People’s Parliament (EGRK) – and the decision to set-up a temporary adminstarive framework until elections could be held in the region. The first body is under control of the 16 parties that make up the KNC. The second is close to the YPG.

Xelîl went on to mention that no party was forced to partcipate, saying:

No of the 16 parties that make up ENKS said anything like we do not want to particpate in this temporary administration. All parties struck an agreement on this point.

Xelîl also stresed that this administartion would not only include Kurds, but the other peoples and faith groups living in Rojava such as Syriac and Chaldeans Christians. After an aggrement on temporary administartion was made in Qamişlo it was debated in popular assemblies around Rojava, where the subjects of security and other policies, and the role of the Kurdish Supreme Coucil were debated and a number of further decisions taken.


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