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Bayık: September will Determine if the Period of No Clashes Continues

Camil Bayık, co-president of the executive committee of the KCK

Camil Bayık, co-president of the executive committee of the KCK

Camil Bayık, co-president of the executive committee of the KCK, says that that the period of more than 8 months without clashes between HPG guerillas and the Turkish army is at risk of ending. Speaking to the Kurdish-language Azadiya Welat (as reported by ANF) he told the paper:

If the AKP government does not show the desire for a solution in a short period, then the one-sided steps taken by the Kurds will not have been reciprocated. This also means an end to the 8 month period of no clashes.

It is expected that on September 1st, World Peace Day, there be a mentality, an approach, a practice to stop war. Steps were expected that would have provided for a peace in Turkey and Kurdistan, and between Kurds and Turkey. An exceptional dirty war has been waged against the Kurds for a century. They are resisting in a war that is directed at destroying their very existence. The struggle for Kurdish existence has reached particularly large dimensions over the past 30 years.

Throughout this period the Kurds have many times declared ceasefires and created peaceful environments in the hope of a democratic solution. In reciprocity Kurds and other democratic forces were expecting a step from the AKP. However the AKP did not take any such step, but sped up its preparations for war. This created the danger that this period of no clashes would all be for nothing. For this reason the Leader of the Kurdish People and the Kurdish Freedom Movement wanted to warn the AKP government while taking steps to provide for a Kurdish-Turkish peace on World Peace Day. Now it should be expected that the AKP government take a step on the 1st of September.

Everywhere on earth the solution to these kind of problems follows a calendar. Those struggling for their rights put their demands forward. Kurds also did this as was their right. Kurds were to make a federation, but the AKP government opened a body to  generate recommendations that was opportunistic and used to stall. Kurds who have been fighting a struggle for existence and paying a heavy price for forty years will not tolerate these stalling tactics or tricks.



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