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Kışanak: Demonstrations in Diyarbakir on September 1st will Send a Message to the Middle East and the World


Gültan Kışanak, co-president of the BDP

Gültan Kışanak, co-president of the BDP

Speaking with Özgür Gündem about the rallies planned for this Sunday, the co-president of the BDP, said that “a message will be sent from Amed (Diyarbakir) to the Middle East and the world. We invite all of our people to Amed’s İsasyon Meydan.

She went on to say that Sunday’s rallies were being awaited with enthusiasm across Turkey, that the desire for peace was urgent, and that this year’s demonstrations would be much larger than in the past:

Because we need peace badly. There have been magnificent meetings held every year in the past. Every year the hopes of people on the subject are disappointed. However this year because we are in the middle of the peace process the September 1st World Peace Day demonstrations which be more magnificent than in past years.

Large Rallies are planned for the four main centers: Istanbul, Mersin, Van and Diyarbakir. According to Kışanak:

Each of the places where our rally will be held is of great importance to the peoples of Turkey and the peoples of the Middle East. We are organizing the rally in Istanbul with the HDK. As the BDP we will take part with all our strength in the rally in Kadiköy. We invite all of our people in Istanbul to come to Kadiköy. In this gathering we will express our desire for a free future together and side by side with all the peoples of region and for peace. For this reason we are inviting all of our people to attend this rallies with the same enthusiasm they show for Newroz. We also invite our people in Mersin and Van to attend in the same manner.

In Amed all Civil Society Organizations and social organizations, the DTK, and our party have been organizing this demonstration for days. Women, youth, workers’ and human rights associations, professional associations and trade unions, and our party have been preparing for this rally with great excitement. The main theme of the demonstration will be to greet the revolution in Rojava with the enthusiasm of Newroz. For this reason this really is very important. All of our people know this well: In Amed during Newroz an historical declaration was read out. Between seven and seventy million Kurds gathered with the determination to achieve a solution and peace in the spirit of Newroz. It was a Newroz celebrating a democratic life and a democratic salvation. Now we want to bring to life this same spirit and enthusiasm.

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