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Thousands of Women March in Silopi in Support of Rojava and the YPG


Following calls from the Democratic and Free Women’s Movement (DÖKH), thousands of women marched in Silopi, in the province of Şırnak, in order to give support to and show solidarity with the defenders of Rojava, according to a report by ANF. The women walked from the village of Rihaniye to the border, where they were stopped by Turkish soldiers before continuing their protest.

The women remained through the night and carried placards declaring support for the revolution in Rojava, the YPG, and the leadership of Abdullah Öcalan. Among other slogans shouted in both Turkish and Kurdish were “Everywhere is Rojava, Everywhere is Resistance,” “The Revolution in Rojava is the Project of the Leader Apo,” “The Rojava Revolution is a Women’s Revolution” and “Kurdistan without borders, resistance without borders.”

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